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Bojan Malesevic – Interview with The Asian King of Assists

Bojan Malesevic – Interview with The Asian King of Assists


It is our great honor to present you the first Polusvet interview in English! On a warm summer day we went to a boat on Sava to talk to our friend, a basketball rolling stone. We are sat there with none other than Bojan Malesevic, the holder of 20 gold medals, 7 times All-star and 5 times MVP. Bojan is an international player who has played all around the world: in Russia, Poland, Iran, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and many other countries and won numerous awards.

bojan-malesevic-basketball-gold-medals bojan-malesevic-basketball-mvp

Bojan Malesevic – The interview

Polusvet: Hi Bojan, how are you?

Bojan Malesevic: First off all, thank you for calling me to this interview.


Polusvet: Where did you make your first basketball steps?

Bojan Malesevic: My first basketball steps were made in Serbia in team Beopetrol which was at the time a Super league team. There, at seventeen, I started playing in the senior selection.


Polusvet: What was your first team outside of Serbia?

Bojan Malesevic: My first team outside of Serbia was in Brno Czech Republic where I signed the contract when I was 19 years old.


Polusvet: What was your first award or title?

Bojan Malesevic: First award was an All-star game in Czech Republic during my second year of contract there.


Polusvet: Of all the championships you won, which one meant the most for you?

Bojan Malesevic: It was the one in Saudi Arabia. We were the eighth seed on the standings before the playoffs, but with good tactics, and great performances we managed to win the title, and that really was something special for me.


Polusvet: Which city did you like the most?

Bojan Malesevic: It was probably Dubai or Muscat because of the easy relaxed lifestyle they have there and unbelievable architecture as well.


Polusvet: Is there a country you would like to live in, apart from Serbia?

Bojan Malesevic: I would like to live in Oman, it’s the most beautiful country I have ever seen and visited in my life.


Polusvet: Which of all these countries had the best-tasting food?

Bojan Malesevic: The food was the best in Lebanon. Their cuisine is famous in the Middle-East.


Polusvet: And what about languages? Which language did you like the most?

Bojan Malesevic: Russian is very similar to Serbian language and it was the easiest to learn.


Polusvet: Who are some of the famous coaches or players you played with or against?

Bojan Malesevic: Famous coaches were Igors Miglineiks and Muhhamed Al Quseimi, for example, and the most famous player was Teodoras Papaloukas.



Polusvet: Where are you planning to continue your career?

Bojan Malesevic: Most probably is going to be Asia, but if any good offer comes from another part of world, I will considered it as well.


Polusvet: Bojan, thanks a lot for this interview and we wish you the best of luck in your life and career.

Bojan Malesevic: Thank you so much and all the best to you also.


Bojan Malesevic – Video Highlights

Bojan Malesevic vs Theodoros Papaloukas

Bojan Malesevic – Top 10 Assists

Bojan Malesevic – 20 Gold medals

In the near future expect the extended version of the interview with Bojan on our blog! Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it.

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